day 3 (retroactive) The Drake

Metoclopramide, Hyoscine hydrobromide, and Ginger. After about an hour I’am all but un-concious,  aside from blocking every single nausea receptor in my brain the hardcore combination of anti-emetic drugs have destroyed my ability to hold my eyes open. The Drake gave us an easy first day, our skillfull ukrainian first mate Sergy managed to avoid the hurricane force winds to our west, and we sit in a relatively calm sea (30 knot winds and 4 metre swells) that the clippers stabalisers easily reduce to a gentle sway. After the detailed sea sickness briefing from our animated safety officer “jumper”, who gained his nickname jumping out of helicopters in the falklands, the expedition members have an increased appreciation for the weather report that forecasts calmer seas and good progress tomorrow.


5 Responses to “day 3 (retroactive) The Drake”

  1. mumsie Says:

    beautiful light on deck shot…and what sort of birdie? I’m guessing its an alby!!! Nice work Jack…more please xxx

  2. Jerry Zhu Says:

    Great picture!!

  3. healthytransporthobart Says:

    look mate. how many times do i have to tell you to get the horizon straight. I dont care how much you tried to make it seem like it was rough or something. lift ya game

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